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89 drogba

129 posts Has Potential To Be Special
As anyone used him got a review on him. not sure if to save for him with the swaps.


  • Navraat
    3668 posts National Call-Up
    Used him offline, he's too clunky imo. I even edited his stats to replicate an Engine chem style and he still felt very heavy on the ball
  • Gavin1985
    129 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    alot of people have said the same. just dno if i wanna spend that many tokens on him when carlos is just sitting there waiting
  • Salty P3anut
    9596 posts League Winner
    The 87 looks better imo
  • Muzza11
    9445 posts Has That Special Something
    He is terrible, I have his loan and my god it’s bad. My mate uses the 87 card and he said it’s really good.
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