The latest Title Update for FIFA 20 is now available on PC and includes the changes listed here.

yet this is football huh?

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it seems that EA mixed all their games together for this years FUT... a little bit of greco-roman wrestling from UFC, some bodychecks from NHL and add little handling from NBA... there you have it - FIFA20 and non of those will be ruled as foul, yet clean tackle on ball will be called as foul. ball mechanics? that guy whos done them actually still has a job? stamina seems to be nonexisting since half dead cocky wingers easily outrun my defnders with more than 60% of stamina. Stats mean shiat apparently since guys with shooting over 80 cant finish anything, it seems like they are hitting ball with wet paper towel. Corrected delay by creating even bigger (previously it was at least playable). and oh boy servers? havent seen worse. I mean seriously? Im just wondering how good could FIFA be if done by 2k.
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