Is there somone who actaully has NOT unresponsive/delayed gameplay?

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    Iv totally given up, game is garbage same issues every year gonna stick to squad battles only from now on
  • Koning Spijker
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    It's just not funny anymore. I can handle FIFAils, they will always be there. But I command to pass or shoot, I want my player to do so. When in the box, if you press shoot, the animation takes that long that a defender or keeper will be at the ball before you player hits it
  • JIO22
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    First time I've played tonight since a few days ago and since the patch came out. What the hell is going on, delayed, lag, players skipping/juddering/trembling sideways, unresponsive, can't pass, run, moving in wrong directions and so on. Every game has been like this, a true battle to move a player, needless to say the WL has consisted of loss after loss after loss.
  • They Caged Non
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    I did have it bad but the latest patch it seemed ok last night

    I’m putting it down to 100% momentum as it always has been, some days you have it, some days you don’t.
  • Ftl
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    1 out of 6 games in the wl so not bad tbh. Last weekend was awfull but so far so good this wl
  • JIO22
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    Ftl wrote: »
    1 out of 6 games in the wl so not bad tbh. Last weekend was awfull but so far so good this wl

    I had the opposite to you, last weekend was great, really good. So far this weekend it's awful.
  • SuperRob
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    Everyone i play against has perfect gameplay
  • Tbh I don’t get it too often :)
  • Gainzy
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    I dont, but then again I predicted this and sold my ps4 in august.
  • ucan87
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    Its unplayable right now. Im done with this Game Like Last year, bought it played it 1 month and Sold it again. I have Players like mbappe, son, Rush kdb and they all dribble, Pass, shoot, Run Like they have a tree in the arse. They all Feld Like Bronze Players. So there is No Point getting good Players. I have this year the worst delay lag ever.
  • Bakudu76
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    I have good gameplay. Smooth dribbling is crisp.
    But I am so far below average. Basically doo doo
  • Dave2829
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    Dont worry tho ea will make it all better by releasing a sbc for the Romanian league potm n all u need to do is trade a icon in n 4 88 rated teams
  • JIO22
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    Persevered for a few more games but I can't do no more. Truly terrible gameplay, light and day differences with this and just can not move the players, receive a pass or get a shot away, never mind score and conceding 7 or 8 goals a game. Time to switch off.
  • iggypop
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    I never get lag or delay!
  • Nauticius
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    Pretty much never, some lag on random occasions.
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