Cant even play a game...

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20mins now searching for a game in weekend league everytime stuck with the loading bar on the screen! Anyone else having this problem?


  • Simsbadger
    908 posts Professional
    Yes I’m getting this to and when I do play 20 mins into game it disconnected me !! Getting frustrated with this game
  • Aguy9916
    1045 posts Professional
    Mine is currently doing this, after someone just rage quit on me it locked on the screens which show the around the stadium... had to reset.. I still got the win and points.

    But now I cant get a game, just getting this over and over 🤬🤬
  • DicaniosGod
    5735 posts Big Money Move
    The game is an absolute shambles!!
  • Magnet
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    Seems to have sorted itself out a little bit happens every few tries just like in rivals! Incredibly frustrating and transfer pile glitch which was like it last year kills me I'd imagine its 2 simple fixes that they just don't bother with
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