Why this Fifa is even worse...

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Im writing to highlight to Fifa fans why this is even worse then Fifa 19. Many of the new features are simply not new or worse then the equivalent of 19

Pro Clubs

- They have removed many hairstyles, beard styles from 19.. why are we removing any at all?
- Removed hats and multi coloured beards and hair from fifa 20 was in the beta
- There seems to be so many girl hairstyles when you cant even be a female? whats the point?
- The new customization is actually worse then 19
- Passing is terrible, unable to first time shoot or pass, not sure how realistic this is
- The practice mode isnt really useful, never used
- The game seems really unconsistent in terms of fouls - morajority of collisons are not even fouls even when they havent touched the ball...
- The tournament modes are just stupid, why cant we have a Champions league cup or europa? At least something realistic
- The Fk set up is ridiculous - you need a degree to work it out
- The new positions are a joke RWB LWB are the same as RB LB, LW and RW are the same as LM RM, RF LF same as ST so whats the point? Its simply a copy and paste job? They didnt even add the one useful new position of CM because they couldnt copy and paste from any other position - lazy!

Career Mode

- Still same bugs are in career mode as last year
- Managers actually change what they wear without me even changing anything? aka from coat to suit to tracksuit
- The whole potiental growth is exactly what fifa 19 was, there is no dynamic growth - its exactly the same! You can exeed your player potiential by 1 just like in 19 - players stil rank up without playing once
- Team sheet error still apparent
- The discussion feature its pretty pointless - most of the options increase morale, you have to work pretty hard to decrease their and the team's morale. They still cant ask you about salary increase or anything else apart from can I play next game or transfer
- It doesnt work out who the captain is if the captain doesnt play regulary or use of multiple team sheets, half a job EA


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    EA Sports 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑
  • What ever happened to the Virtual Pro Gameface feature? I won't go further but I could. All of these points are salient and I agree with all almost. EA has really let me down and I said this was their last chance to suck money from me. I've been a FIFA player for literally 25 years BTW (Started with FIFA Int'l Soccer in '94).

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    How about how you can’t change tactics for attacking, Ultra attacking ect... on the menu screen you have to change in game. Who has time for that in the middle of a game. It’s not like it’s UT or seasons were it’s just you playing
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    Yeah, fix your game EA, nothing happend after patch and it will stay this way until next fifa!! Like always, and the dynamic blablabla is even worse after al the critsism
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