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Hello -

I will be playing a 20 team European Super League. It will be a complete season and every game will be played out. I will control the home team for each fixture. The settings will be:

10 min halves
World Class
Default settings.
Bottom 3 clubs relegated

If you have any suggestions before I start please let me know.


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    1. MANCHESTER CITY - The champions of England head the Super League. Pep will surely have his team ready to go for the Inaugural season.

    2. MANCHESTER UNITED - The drama of Manchester United comes to a bigger stage and can or if the Red Devils will survive in a league with so much talent should be fascinating to watch.

    3. ARSENAL FC - The Gunners will fight with the reputation of brides maids. Who will come to the forefront for this team when it needs it?

    4. LIVERPOOL FC - The champions of Europe out to prove their worth.A famous attack and a defense lead by the stalwart Dutchman. Juergen Klopp will be dreaming of trophies.

    5. CHELSEA FC Six teams from England and the Blues and Frank Lampard get their call. Chelsea will play young and hope to pull the supersizes and enthusiasm that their new manager brings.

    6. AC MILAN - Yes Milan will take part. Not because of their form or ability but surely for the stature of the club that any top European League needs to have. Many are expecting Milan to fall to the bottom of the table, many have been wrong before.

    7. INTER MILAN - A revamped Inter look to play and be better then we have seen in a while. Lukaku and Alexis have echoes in England, but the new faces in a new heated place could make Inter a strong outsider.

    8. JUVENTUS FC - Maybe the most talent and maybe the planets best player. Juve will look to dominate much as they have in Serie A for so long. Bright lights and big games is exactly what this 'Old Lady" seeks,

    9. SS NAPOLI - Maybe the most passion and the most to gain in Napoli. The talent has always been founded on only a few players, but now Napoli hopes to play and win as a team to shock Europe.

    10. FC BARCELONA - King Messi and Barca wont settle for anything less then a title. Barca should be feared but do they have the manager and the tactics to win at such a high level.

    11. REAL MADRID - No super leage can exist without the best club to have ever played. It would only be fitting to see Real win, but experts feel this set of players may have another type of fight on their hands.

    12. ATLETICO de MaDRID - Diego Simeone will surely field a side that fears noone. It isnt so much who is on this team, but rather how they play and what they achieve. Somehow one knows that Atletico will write its own story in this league.

    13. PSG The pride of France will be under the gun to produce and not let down as they have in the recent past. Neymar and Mbappe ooze wth quality and the side could look magical at times. Consistency in a season could be another story.

    14. BAYERN MUNICH The champions of Germany will look to break hearts all over Europe. Robert Lewandowski looks for the golden boot and fans in Bavaria truly believe that this club can, and does belong, as champions.

    15. DORTMOND Slipping a bit in the recent past, Dortmond will have their hands full. Playing at home few teams have the support of this club but timing for them and their roster this season may not be ideal. Dortmond isnt really expected to finish top half.

    16. AJAX AMSTERDAM - Few teams share the history and acheivement of this club, even without the billions of the other clubs. Ajax will play like they always do, smart, fast, and woke.

    17. GALATASARAY - The most famous club in Turkey, there is a place for Galata. Defending their home pitch and keeping tight in defense wont be easy. Still who can argue about European nights in Istanbul.

    18. SL BENFICA - They edge out Porto as the most recent champions and a tradition that runs very deep. Benfica are pegged to fight for survival, so playing with confidence and poise will be key.

    19. TOTTENHAM - Of course one can not forget Spurs. With their recent form the past few seasons and one of the most talented starting 11, Tottenham will have its opportunity at the biggest stage, England leads with six sides in the Super League.

    20. OLYMPIACOS FC - A sentimental favorite and a wildcard in the league, the Greek champions know something about the big stage, even as everyone expects them to finish dead bottom; they may be right.
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  • Daviee x
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    Good luck Hellinas. If i'm not mistaken did't you do something similar on the old forums?
    I feel like I recognize your name :p
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    I would have chosen Porto over olympiacos tbh
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    Daviee x wrote: »
    Good luck Hellinas. If i'm not mistaken did't you do something similar on the old forums?
    I feel like I recognize your name :p

    Hi Daviee -

    Yes I have been gone for a few years. I did a Cup that involved over 250 teams. Now something a little different. Its good to see someone from the old forums.
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    I would have chosen Porto over olympiacos tbh

    Good advice. But Olympiacos is my favorite team, so had to have them. :D

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    Matchday 1


    Super League Opens With Exciting Draw


    Match official - Staurt Attwell
    Goals: G. Wijnaldum 21, Roberto Firmino 79; T. Hazard 31, J. Sancho 50
    Cards: L. Piszczkek

    MOM: Roberto Firmini (9.2 rating)

    Liverpool - Juergen Klopp and his side would have hoped for a better opening night both on the field and in the skies. Klopp was taking on his former team and was likely hoping for more then a draw against them. Showers came down to start the magnificent new Super League of Europe but the action on the pitch was anything but downtrotten. The home side opened the scoring on 21 minutes when Georgino Wijnaldum opned the scoring with a volley. An Allison error on an outlet throw gave the chance 10 minutes later for Hazard to even the score and build the German sides confidence.

    Dortmond would take the lead in the second half with English star Jadon Sancho scored on a nice individual finish. Liverpool felt the pressure but they were able to salvage a point on the night when a great counter move was finished by Roberto Firmino who had a good match.

    Klopp simply added, "Them bring a team I used to manage is unimportant. What is important is that we need to be better."

    The European Super League is off to a flying start.

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    How have you organised this - tournament mode or career mode? Looks like an interesting idea to follow. Good luck.
  • Hellinas0
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    How have you organised this - tournament mode or career mode? Looks like an interesting idea to follow. Good luck.

    I am using the Premier League in tournament mode and replaced the teams I wanted. Thanks for following, will enjoy doing it.

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    Matchday 1

    Saturday Resutls


    In Napoli
    SS NAPOLI.....................2
    Manchester City...........1

    Goals: Fabian 16; P. Zielinsji 26; B. Silva 17
    Cards: G. DiLorenzo, J. Callejon
    MOM: P. Zielinski (9.0)

    City take a loss in Italy as a well organized Napoli scored two early and kept firm under the pressure in the second half City had equalized a minute after the opener, but player of the game Pole Piotr Zielinski put the home side up for good


    At San Siro
    AC MILAN...................3
    INTER MILAN..............2

    Goals: K. Piatek (2) 3, 71, G. Bonaventura 45; S. Sensi 49, R. Lukaku 55
    Cards: M. Skriniar
    MOM: K. Piatek (9.5)

    A heart beating Milan derby had it all and lived up to the hype. The visiting side came back strong in the second half of this game and Piatek helped AC Milan pull the upset with the winner 20 minutes before time. An open fun match to watch.


    At Stadio Bernebeau
    REAL MADRID..................3

    Goals: Modric 33, Hazard 38, 68
    Cards: K. Benzema
    MOM: E. Hazard (8.5)

    Eden Hazard took over this match and Real Madrid proved too much for the Turkish side from the opening kick. Luka Modric may have had the goal of the day scoring on a curler outside the box and the Galata defenders couldn't slow down the Real attack in what ended being an impressive opening for Zidanes men.


    At Nou Camp
    ATLETICO MADRID.........1

    Goals: Da Costa 54
    Cards: Joao Felix
    MOM: L. Messi (8.3)

    Completely against the run of play Diego DeCosta broke fee and delivered what would be the only goal of the match. Barcelona hit the post three times and had an incredibly unlucky night. Luis Suarez missed a sitter late that would have at least given Barca a draw.


    In Amsterdam
    AJAX AMSTERDAM..........0
    BAYERN MUNCHEN.......2

    Goals: Lewandowski 32, Coutinho 38
    Cards: None
    MOM: D. Alaba (8.2)

    A ten minute stretch is all Bayern needed to get the goals for the maximum points. Robert Lewandowski finished a move impressively off the post and the home team tested Manuel Nuer especially late but to no avail. A nice opening win for the German side in a packed enthusiastic venue.


    At Tottenham Stadium

    Goals: G. Higuain 35, Douglas Costa (2) 45, 75
    Cards: None
    MOM: Douglas Costa (8.5)

    An embarrassing loss for Spurs as home as Juventus made the most of mental mistakes including a bad one by keeper Hugo Lloris. Douglas Costa was wonderful on the ball dribbling past the defense for his first goal while Harry Kane and the Spurs attack looked old and weary. An impressive night for the Italians.

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    Messi was MOTM in a loss. Sounds about right, Barca dominating possession but giving up a poor goal most likely.

    I'm surprised how bad Spurs got beat but Juve can do that to you.

    Nice update.
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    Been while since I've seen one of these, good luck mate, some interesting scores so far too
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    Matchday 1

    Sunday Results


    At Parc de Princes
    SL BENFICA................0

    Goals: Neymar (2) 45, 83
    RED CARD: J. Bernat
    MOM: Neymar (9.0)

    Neymar wanted to make a statement that he is being overlooked and he is still the superstar Paris seems to have forgotten. His two goals on this afternoon will cool the critics for a while as Benfica game the star much too much space in this one. Even with a second half red card, the Portugal side couldnt tip the game dlow to their favor and were hit on the counter.


    At Stadio Karaskaiki
    OLYMPIACOS FC...................1
    ARSENAL FC..........................1

    Goals: Y. El Arabi 11; A. Lacazette 79
    Cards: G. Masouras, A. Bouchalakis, D. Podence
    MOM: L. Torriera (7.4)

    The Greek side got off to the dream start with an early goal and a good appetite in the first half. In the second the Gunners pushed everyone forward and were able to pull one back as the Frenchman Lacazette finished. It was a physical affair in the rain and no one should have too much to complain about splitting the points.


    At Old Trafford
    MANCHESTER UNITED.................1
    CHELSEA FC...................................1

    Goals: V. Lindelof 45; Willian 71
    Cards: M. Mount
    MOM: V. Lindelof (9.0)

    A dire first half ended on a high note when Lindelof placed a pretty headed goal off a corner to give the home side the lead. The second half should have seen more goals but the Willian equalizer was well deserved by Chelsea who can take some things away from a point on the road.

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    Top Scorers

    K. Piatek (AC MILAN)..............2
    Neymar (PSG).........................2
    Douglas Costa (JUVE).............2

    Top player Matchday 1


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    10 games down, 370 to go. Good luck! No huge surprises at the moment, probably Atletico besting Barca would be the biggest.
  • Wiggie44
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    A great idea this (even though i hope it never happens for real)
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    Matchday 2

    Saturday Fixtures


    At Emirates Stadium
    REAL MADRID...............0

    Goals: Ozil 20, Lacazette 40
    Cards: None
    MOM: A. Lacazette (8.2)

    Mezil Ozil had his moment of redemption as he slid one past the keeper after 20 minutes rewarding the decision of Unai Emery to start him. This was a good Arsenal with Socratis and David Luiz doing good work against an uninterested Real attack. Eden Hazrd did have a nice match but little to no support.


    At San Siro
    INTER MILAN.....................0
    FC BARCELONA.................5

    Goals: F. de Jong 15, A. Griezman 25, L. Suarez (2) 50, 67, A. Vidal 71
    Cards: None
    MOM: S. Busquets (9.1)

    Barcelona were on fire and went into Milan and thrashed the hosts. Fans, coaches and chairmen have to wonder what has happened to Inter as in this one they have truly hit bottom. To their credit Barcelona was untouchable today, Messi and Griezman shredded the flanks and the goals kept flying in. Barcelona surely was embarassed from their loss to Atletico and took it out on the Italians completely. Where does Inter go from here?


    At Juventus Stadium
    JUVENTUS FC...................2
    AC MILAN........................0

    Goals: Dybala (2) 30, 71
    Cards: M. Musacchio
    MOM: P. Dybala (8.5)

    A comfortable win for Juventus who make it two out of two. Paulo Dybala has taken over the main striker role over Higuain and is making the most of it. Milan probably were still flying hight after their win over inter and tried to play defensive, but Juve broke them down. Buffon was given a rare start and had a clean sheet as well as some nice saves proving that age truly is only a number.


    At Allianz Arena
    BAYERN MUNICH................1
    SS NAPOLI...........................0

    Goals: R. Lewandowski 67
    Cards: None
    MOM: I. Peresic (7.5)

    Napoli deserved batter and won a penalty in extra time but Manuel Nuer pushed away a Lorenzo Insigne penalty to award the home side the win. The first half was very physical and drab with few clear cut chances but both sides came out better in the second with Bayern pushing more before Lewandowski headed home in the 67th. It was supriising their were not more goals and both teams opened up and created chances. Bayern now have full points and have yet to concede.


    At Wanda Metropolitano
    ATLETICO MADRID.................0
    AJAX AMSTERDAM..................2

    Goals: J. Veltman 20, D. Tadic (pen) 90
    Cards: N. Tagliafico
    MOM: J. Veltman (9.1)

    Ajax recover well and stun Atletico at home after the home team were feeling so good after a win against Barcelona. Atletico missed a penalty in what was truly an even match but the Veltman goal gave the visitors confidence while a late handball set up a clinching spot kick. We have seen some home teams really lay eggs so far in our league, visiting sides are and ready and confident as ever.


    At Signal Iduna Park
    BORRUSIA DORTMOND.............3
    OLYMPIACOS FC.........................2

    Goals: M. Rues (3) 6, 10, 32; O. Elabdellaoui 23, M. Valbuena 68
    Cards: None
    MOM: M. Rues (10.0)

    A great game of football where both teams went for it as both sides knew tougher opponents await and they needed this one. marco Rues was brilliant in the first half as all three of his goals were not easy scores and one came on a curling free kick. The Greek side has shown real fight in both their matches and were the better side in the second half only to be denied late on some quality chances. Valbuena is still a player that should be watched as he drove through the German defense in this one on multiple attacks. I fine football match here.


    In Instanbul

    Goals: Y. Belhanda 74, Falcao 33; S. Mane 26, Firmino 33, Owngoal 45, Shaqiri 65
    Cards: Alexander Arnold
    MOM: Fabinho (8.1)

    Liverpool get the job done with an attack on overdrive and constant pressing and pressure. Kohl's men do get caught on the break from time to time and the Turkish side did make a run in this match after it appeared to be over. There is some concern as Liverpool have allowed 4 goals in two matches. Still the attack sizzles with expectation as Roberto Firmino is still at the top of his game and Mane can barely be contained when in space. Liverpool are back on track and seem hungry for more points returning home.


    At Etihad
    MANCHESTER CITY................0

    Goals: T. Ndombele 41, C. Eriksen 45
    Cards: None
    MOM: C. Eriksen (8.0)

    A nightmare span of only 4 minutes created 2 goals and stunned City before the half leading to disaster. After losing in Italy City expected to rebound at home but the possession and finishing never came to be. A missed penalty made the night even worse for Pep's boys in now what has become a major concern with zero points in two games. Spurs stayed organized and hit on the counter, the Eriksen goal especially coming completely against the run of play; such is football.

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    At Stamford Bridge
    CHELSEA FC............1

    Goals: T. Abraham 90
    Cards: None
    MOM: C. Pulisic (8.4)

    A tight encounter ended in joy for the Blues when Tammy Anderson slotted home the winner with seconds remaining in injury time. The young forward worked well after coming in as a sub and American Christian Pulisic helped set up the goal with a cross from the flank. The French side were frustrated for most of the match with Neymar going off after only 57 minutes. This was a physical match, not the most appealing to the nuetral, but a memorable one for the home supporters.


    At Stadio da Luz
    SL BENFICA..........................1

    Goals: Pizzi (pen) 14; A. Pereira 8
    Cards: A. Wan Bissaka, Pizzi
    MOM: Rafa (7.9)

    A frantic opening 20 minutes in Portugal saw United take the lead but the home side even things up with a penalty five minutes later. The game then went into hibernation for a while with United looking good and the better side. After the exhausting start, it seemed both teams settled in for a draw. De Gea did make a point blank save late ti preserve the point that United deserved.

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    Leading Scorer

    M. Rues - Bor. Dortmond............3
    Neymar - PSG...............................2
    Douglas Costa - Juventus............2

    Player of Matchday


    Marco Ruess (10.0)
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    Arsenal started well and Man City started poorly. Interesting stuff.
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