I am most probably the worst FIFA player on existence

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OK, a little background info. I have been playing FIFA since 2013 but I am just a casual player with little time to invest myself hardcore in this game due to working 12 hour shifts 6 days a week
I started playing FUT 20 online and to say that I have been obliterated time and time again is a massive understatement. I played about 40 online matches so far and my record is abysmal. I have only 1 win, managed 2 draws and the rest are losses. Most of them are heavy losses by the way with scoreline of 6-0 or more not uncommon.

I am currently lying in Division 10 and my skill rating is a miserable 1. It hit 0 a few days ago and after managing a draw in Division 10, it reached 1. I consider that a major accomplishment!

To add salt to my sorry wound, I played a squad battle match on Ultimate difficulty and lost (expectedly) 7-0. I was actually aiming for at least a 4-0 loss so that there would not be an additional 20 coin deduction.

At least I managed to reached XP level 21 so afr!


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    Blimey, kudos for you to keep on playing, that is rough :open_mouth:

    As long as you're enjoying it I guess?
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    Yes I am enjoying it.......when I play squad battles on beginner or amateur difficulty. As for semi pro level, I can manage to beat teams at least 5-0 on 1 or 2 star teams with low chemistry, but when it comes to 5 star rated team, I struggle to win even 1-0. For professional level, I can't even beat a 1 star team 5-0 yet. My record is 4-0.

    I noticed that when I beat a team on semi-pro level 1-0, I get less points than beating a team 5-0 on amateur level. My record level reached on squad battles is only Gold 2. I have yet to reach Gold 1.

    By the way, are there any worse players out there? LOL!
  • Blanchflower1
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    But I know what my problem is. It is due to a lack of practise. I would love to have more time practising but am unable to do so right now due to my work commitments. I am sure that if I had more free time, I can practise more and improve my gameplay. But right now it is not possible. But I enjoy the game though, even online. Now I don't feel bad when I lose an online match and consider scoring even at least 1 goal a huge bonus!
  • Id say you need to change your style of play drastically. When I play anything lower than world class (hell sometimes world class) I don’t even get scored on if I sit afk letting time run out. Find a formation that works and a defensive style and how you move the ball around.
    Me personally I liked a 4-3-3 with a DM last year. Its still ok this year but Ive gone with a 3-4-1-2 and found it very effective when playing pressure on heavy touch and patient build up or rapid counter attacks while being careful to retain possession if attack shows no benefit.
  • Brosing
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    Mate, Don't you give up. People like you are hard to find, people play just to win and they do EVERYTHING they can in order to do so. Abuse mechanics, game weaknesses and inting people. You have my respect!

    I can share a few tips with you, I'm not the best either but currently in div 5 with 21wins, 15 draws and 9 loss.

    Try the 4-3-3 formation with three CMs, works pretty good for me. Also, do not force passes in tight gaps, if you can't spot an easy pass, just pass it to your guy on your left/right instead, or even backwards and start over. Also, do not sprint 24/7, let that button not be overused =)

    Keep up!

  • Navraat
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    You'd be surprised at how much a few ms of delay can change your gameplay, Look into your settings if you're using gaming mode on your monitor, play wired and adjust 3D settings in nvidia control panel.

    As for gameplay, watch BorasLegend
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    Squad Battles is difficult if you do not use skill moves. At World Class or lower difficulty the AI fall for most skill moves which allows you time and space to get great scoring chances.

    Learn the Berba-Turn, move right stick forward and then the direction you want to turn. It is a 4* skill move that when performed properly gets the AI almost every time.

    Another great move is the fake shot. It is performed by quickly pressing shoot then pass OR cross then pass. This performs a fake shot and stops your player facing goalwards. Run diagonally accross the penalty area and perform a fake shot, the AI reacts late to this move and it gives a clear shot at goal.

    These two moves should be able to help you to gain wins more easily up to professional difficulty. The AI reacts quicker to these moves in World class.
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    damn man, fair play!

    practise make perfect... or atleast slightly better then previously
  • LoboNobo
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    My post won't be as encouraging as others.

    I'm sorry, but online is not for you... yet. If you have troubles playing against semi-pro, you should definitely avoid playing online and focus offline instead. It sounds like you don't know the very basics, and you won't be able to learn it jumping into online. Imagine you want to learn how to play piano - you won't start by learning difficult pieces, you need to learn the basics first, and that's what offline is for. Since you said you don't have much time to play it will be very hard for you to get to a respectable level though. But hey, if you enjoy playing online even if you're the worst player in existence, nobody is stopping you. After all its about having fun.

    Also, if you REALLY want to play online you might try regular seasons (not FUT). The level there is lower.
  • Blanchflower1
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    OK, an update on my progress. I just won a professional level match on squad battles. The score was 3-1 in my favour. However the team I played against had about 65 skill rating and a low chemistry of about 40. It is an encouraging start though! But it was a far from comfortable victory for me as I struggled a bit during some moments of the match.

    My next goal is try to beat a 5 star rated team with a 100 chemistry on professional difficulty.
  • Blanchflower1
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    OK, now I managed to beat a low ranking team on Professional difficulty 6-0. On top of that, I managed to get a 4-4 draw on an online division rival match! I think this is my second or third draw I achieved on Rivals! I am still currently in Division 10 though but this is a slight improvement! Encouraging signs!
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