Y’all think gameplay responsiveness will improve after the patch?

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Because when I played fifa the delay was players taking a long time to do a pass and shooting plus player movement they said it’s a animation problem so let’s see if their lying and there’s no going back ea because you stated in your patch notes it’s not due to unresponsive gameplay...


  • Ronaldo5644
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    Navraat wrote: »
    Don't wanna be that guy but they said it since FIFA 15 and nothing changed

    Rs.. this is facts and tbf this is the last straw.. it’s 2020 almost and 1990 phone service from NA to Asia was better than these trash servers service lol...
  • Aqeel87
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    It will get worst knowing EA.
  • NornIron
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    No sounds like they have gave up. The unresponsive gameplay has been getting worst since 2013.
  • Marinceus86
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    I believe in it! Let’s hope at least!
  • FCBlunt
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    It will for some while others will still have problems.

    The servers are fine in the sweet spots after all. There’s just people with unlucky locations, tbf.

    It will never get better for them.
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