If Immobile

913 posts Professional
Anyone used him? Any good?!


  • Nicku32
    2269 posts Fans' Favourite
    He's okay. Good finish and decent pace once he gets going.
  • Vies_Adams_Apple
    142 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    just stands there for 90 minutes cant get him to do anything
  • SlickDaddy
    280 posts Sunday League Hero
    Got his red versio 60 in 60 games always there when u need a tap in tbh lol
  • Jtrotman
    127 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Packed him and used him for the 1st owner objectives and he seems solid. He just feels clunkier than Balotelli for me, which makes no sense because Im using Engine on Ciro and Deadeye on Balo. He's absolutely clinical though on either foot if he touches the ball in the box.
  • Heppers
    3446 posts National Call-Up
    Didn't like him, he was so clunky that I guess you could call him immobile..
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