Someone quit on me once I got a penalty in fut champs

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I needed one more win to get gold 1 rewards and I lost my last game, but I'm more mad at the fact that the previous game that would have been my last game someone raged in like the first 30 minutes of the game after I got a pen and his player got sent off. I feel jipped out of 20 wins. This isn't right. I either want an extra game to play or just give me the win because thats seriously dumb. Look from now on EA, you guys should freaking just give the win if someone just alt f4s mid game, even if it's 0-0. You're playing something that you are qualifying to play. I'm seriously not happy and if i could talk to someone who works for EA can I be helped at all. My origin account is braves27lib.


  • greggles
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    our community are toxic as hell
  • Reulol
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    greggles wrote: »
    our community are toxic as hell

    And thats funny PC community at least used to be half decent... alot has changed recent years.
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    If im not mistaken you cannot see the player tag of the opponent in fut champs. But if you remember the time you played you could contact their help service.

    You wont get youre win sadly but if they can find out who you faced (You wont know it) and punish the account.

    Doing this is against the rules. And players who do this should be (in my view) be banned from the game. If you cannot take a loss you have no reason to play online.
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    good luck contacting that help service

    those attendants are, by far, the dumbest people I ever had to deal with
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