Rules of pens

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Dear ea
In last round of pen shhotout, ive saved a pen with a leg of goalkeeper. Ball didnt cross the line. EA counted it as a goal. Thanks to that, we moved to additional round and Ive lost. I was on the road to elite, but stopped to csre and stopped at g3 with 2 loses.
Besides that, dont u know, there in EA, that pen saved with a leg still doesnt count? @ea_andy MB? Dont u know that, keeper doesnt have to touch the ball with his hands?
This game has broken every aspect. Literally every single one.
Humanity havent invented enough polite words, to describe this abomination of a game.
Offsides, pens, delays, lags, rebounds, tackles, posts, missed 1on1s, not existing dribbling, headers etc etc.
Thank U for ur attention.
Eas customer since 93. And im done with this game after 1 week since release. Gj dudes.
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