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Wait what just happened to me?

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okay icon swap offline objectives... CSL starting 11 ai on wc I was meeehh... then I found out I have Texeira (absolute beast!!) and Acheampong (94 pace ftw, cheap auba 😂!), i putted my CSL cdms on cbs (what a win!), my standard 3-5-2 formation...1st match I beat 83 rated squad and in second I demolish 79 rated squad with 5-1... what I have concluded from these two games: Through tough 3 weeks (for me) I developed serious skill in creating space and chances, stopped spamming sprint button (wich I think contributed the most in my improvement), possesion play improved alot, massive improvement in defensive play, better opponent reading (both off and online). I still have large space of improvement ahead especially in 1on1 attacking, understanding player runs even more and finishing will need to be much better as well in future, I will need to learn more about freekicks and corners as set pieces can be decisive. Piece by piece everything is coming to its place, now I understand that all I need to do is not getting tempered, keep concentration on game and keep my playstyle no matter what. Thanks for reading and have a nice one!


  • Senth6
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    Gameplay is different across all modes in FUT my guy chill
  • FijianTribe
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    Squad battles gameplay is way different from WL and Rivals.
  • FutsalBros0710
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    I find SB harder than Rivals tbh. + just another 4-1 win against 83 rated squad meanwhile week ago I had hard time against 80 rated squads on professional...
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