Delay PS4 vs x1

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Hello, last week ive been playing in WL at saturday evening so worst time to play in my mate apartament with avarge ISP 10mb/s but on PS4. I was totally suprised how this game can be smooth fast etc players dont turn like a truck with coal you can play fast ball or tiki taka without a problem gameplay looks so good i had more fun with playing his team for 20k then my for 5kk on X1... So i had luck with servers ? Or that was because of alcohol that we drink and world looks much better?

Any opinion from people that move from X1 to ps4 or from PS4 to X1 about difference in gameplay ?


  • donnel
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    I dont even know why people talk about delay, consoles, connextion speed or type and things like that.
    In my opinion its all about tactics, i been playing FUT since 2014 and i played in 3 different country 2 different continent because of traveils i been in Grèce, Morocco and now im in Congo yes i play FUT in the middle of Africa far from EA servers with NAT 3 connection and manage to get Gold 3, div 4... While people are in England Nat 2 but still complaining anout delay?

    Some people use tactics to slow opponent players and i can tell it because my experience with different types of connections in different countries the game feels the same, i can play the same night 10 games how can u explain that 3 of them be normal and 7 makes my players feel like they are playing with Timberland boots? and whenever i manage to score without conceding the gameplay change? if i dont score it going to stay like that till the final whistle?

    I said it years ago, tactics are ruining this game but people dont want to listen but blame the connection.
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