Auto Switching - AI Defending

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Let's talk about Auto switching, the way I see it is you should be at a disadvantage if you use Auto switching, you should always be rewarded for doing something manually.

For years this has always been the case, apart from in FIFA 19 and 20 where Auto switching gives you an advantage.

People don't like to talk about this secret but here it is, the whole issue with AI defending is auto switching, people pretty much just hold contain and it auto switches to the player closest to the ball and that player will charge forward and win the ball. Combine this with team pressing or an attacking mentality and the player that it has auto switches to will more than likely win the ball than not. Without the player even having to touch the tackle button.

In Fut Champs auto switching should be set to air balls only, maybe even in rivals but certainly in Fut champs.
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