Controller issues fifa 20 PC right analog stick skill moves

Just checking in here to see if anyone has come across this issue.
When i first started career mode my player would do skill moves using the right analog stick.
All of a sudden that stopped....right analog does nothing.
Then if i go to arena mode the right stick does all the skill moves.
Back to career mode and right stick is dead.
I reinstalled the game and it brough it back for pre season, 1 st game of the season it was ok and then bang...2nd game it was dead again......its very very frustrating!


  • keronc
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    Yes, It happens to me also. I almost went and bought a new controller. I don't play Career mode but the same thing happens in ultimate team.
  • Did you solve it with a new controller or find a way around it?
  • Navraat
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    Use x360ce, google it for fifa 19, should be the same for fifa 20.

  • this is not ur controller dying, its most likely you getting "more then 5 stars" in skill moves by completing ingame tasks, which in turn resets your "skill moves" to 0 stars if/when you get a reward with + star to skill moves after reaching 5 star skill moves.
    This has happend to me 3 times because i can start with 5 star skill moves by default
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