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1) Custom Team Sheets are missing!

A "Team Sheet" tab should be available next to the "Match Preview" tab at all Kick Off menus where users can then use the right analog stick to select team sheets that have already been created.

The same is available in Career Mode and in Champions League Mode.

There is no option to select an already created team sheet in all the Kick Off modes.
Only the custom team sheet set as favorite appears as default sheet in kick off mode, there is no option to switch team sheets even with live forms on!!!

This is really not convenient and was actually working in FIFA18, not sure what happened after that.

2) Goal News Missing

So in Career Mode La Liga there are no goal news announcements/updates from concurrent matches anymore(?)

Got them only in pre season and not once in the league or CL. Also player injury updates arent available anymore... (he's a tough cookie he'll carry on(?))

3) Free Kick System for Keyboard Players

I use just the keyboard not the mouse, just the keyboard and how are we suppose to even take the free kicks?

The only style of free kick that can be done is the dipping shot, what about all those other cool things? This was a bit disappointment because made me question whether EA even considers all of its users before designing such stuff...

4) Corner Kick Crowd Animation

Why don't we have the opposition crowd trying to move closer and intimidate the corner kick taker? Especially in big matches!

5) Corner Kicks!

Corner Kicks basically have no impact as the defending team always gets the ball and scoring headers is literally impossible.

6) Commentary!

Derek Rae and Lee Dixon think a 3+ goal margin is a slender lead...

Please look into the dialogue and situation combinations... Disappointing

7) Hand balls

Hand balls don't seem to work at all anymore.

These are some of the things I've noticed in FIFA 20. Hope the concerned team notice this and make the changes and reply.



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