Ea Andy HELP please

398 posts Sunday League Hero
Ultimate team stuck on reward pack and a non existent card can’t do anything just kicks me out of fut all the time please help
See pic


  • Stoz
    398 posts Sunday League Hero
  • Stoz
    398 posts Sunday League Hero
    Sorted but had to quick sell a blank card?? What’s going on with this very odd
  • Gingerboaby83
    319 posts Sunday League Hero
    We had the same issue last year as well. We believe it’s a player pick that not in our version of the game. I posted about this earlier as it happened to me last week.
  • ChappellRovers
    3144 posts National Call-Up
    This has happened to me 4 times this year I only ever get 47 coins back so i assumed it was a kit/stadium that isn’t included in the updated version. For example new white hart lane.
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