Nepenthez video - The state of Fifa 20

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Is so spot on. 40 minutes of truth.

Maybe ea will listen.

@ea_andy please feed this back as a +1 from me. I’m sure there will be plenty of others in this forum who will also +1.


  • WarrenBarton
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    What’s the gist of the vid?
  • Shezzzzzzz
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    Can we link YouTube videos here? I’ll do it if so.
  • Primofusion
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    Are you allowed to link to the vid in here?
  • PelzyWelzy
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    Shezzzzzzz wrote: »
    Can we link YouTube videos here? I’ll do it if so.

    People do it all the time. Don’t see any reason why not.

    Other than its Nep.
  • WarrenBarton
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    Shezzzzzzz wrote: »
    Can we link YouTube videos here? I’ll do it if so.

    Yeah, as far as I’m aware. Loads of YouTube videos in the off topic section.

    If it’s not allowed then I guess it will just be deleted 🤷‍♂️
  • Shezzzzzzz
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    Added to original post.
  • JayyThunder
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    what is he talking about in the video?
  • Shezzzzzzz
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    I would quote it but I wouldn’t do it justice.
    This guy has nearly 2million YouTube subscribers and makes his living off playing fifa and has basically spent 40 minutes ripping the game apart less than 2 weeks after release...
  • Slawter
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    Don't even mind the guy that much, but 40 minutes, christ alive no.
  • DesiKRew
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    He does it everytime.. And then he packs an Icon or very high rated player... Not saying anymore
  • princeapalia
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    Genuinely every part of the game is a mess.
    The gameplay is awful.
    The servers are ****ed.
    The live content is pathetic.
    The pro scene is a laughing stock.
    Career mode is completely broken.
    Pro Clubs is the same as FIFA 12.
    Volta is a lacklustre Journey re-skin.

    Before anyone says ‘reeeeee you still play it stop moaning’, it’s listed for sale on eBay at the moment.
  • RSL183
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    Isn't this the guy who was riding around on a scooter with the other 'game changers' prior to release... I have to ask what were they actually doing..
  • fifaUTben
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    Not seen the video, he’s probably right in what he’s saying.

    Problem with Nepenthez he thinks Fifa should revolve around him and his Youtube channel. If EA aren’t providing content, he can’t make his videos/living so he’s not happy.
  • Gainzy
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    Waldog94 wrote: »
    Someone turn it into a few paragraphs worth of reading be a true hero because there isnt many YouTubers i can take 40 mins of and he definitely isnt one

    See above
  • Pocketsquareguy
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    He is right on one main point. The incentive to actually play games is not there outside of fut champions. You can spend an hour in menu’s and it will be far, far more profitable than actually playing the game. They need worthwhile objectives.

    I want to use rocket pass (rocket league as an example. They have weekly challenges. But you also get xp from just playing the game. The first 70 tiers are like fifa. You see what you will get. After that it’s all super rare and limited. Giving you incentive to play games. Fifa has implemented this objective system horribly. You cap us to a point most of these cards will be subs by the time you get them. The objectives are complicated and many times don’t even register. Ndombele was perfect. There should be more of this. And less of score a header from a cross using a 81 physical player from Slovakia.
  • Kamilflage
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    He ruined League SBCs
    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ him and what he says/thinks
  • protzbischof
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    I just dont understand what EA is trying to do. Its really not that hard to make the player base a bit more happy.
    1) Improve the servers
    2) More Content
    3) Just bring back Gold/Silver/Tournaments or other tournaments with requirements like Daily Knockouts..

  • Rich
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    How do EA get is so wrong so often? I sometimes wonder what ideas they rejected in favour of what they implement because those must be horrendous.
  • Kouli06
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    Genuinely just finished watching the whole vid.
    Couldn’t fault a thing he said.

    EA hire this man!
  • NornIron
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    Alot of things are being talked about but the main thing is for some the game is actually unplayable, ive seen a few pro's say oh button lag when they misplace a pass but what happens when every movement of your player feels off.
    You pass the ball but because it one sided delay the other player has you closed down. Even when the pass is made the receiver isnt ready to control it because there's delay in the reactions. So the ball will bounce back to the opponents.
  • WellWornBeast
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    40min lol.. But ye agree with the excerpts i watched
  • PaulDr
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    I know I'm in the minority here, but I absolutely loved 19. It's the first fifa I bothered with ultimate team, previously I had stuck to online seasons and given up UT within a month or two. The Fifa 18 world cup expansion is what pulled me in. I didn't buy fifa points, never had. It was just fun and a relaxing way to wind down (apart from the online friendlies challenges which annoyed the f out of me because of all the people quitting and using the glitch to get a win when a goal up). Sure, the servers were unpredictable, but the game was fun to play and I got a very decent 95 rated team by the end of it. My experience of 19 is why I bought the ultimate edition of 20. Fifa 20 so far couldn't be more different. The gameplay isn't the core issue (early release was very promising), it's the bugs, the servers (far, far worse), and the content.
  • Rolandinho
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    Not a fan of him, but this video was eith passion and he was right with every point.
  • PaulDr
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    These objectives in theory are a great idea but the rewards are crazy, an eight bit ball the most ridiculous.
  • Worst fifa ever!❤️❤️❤️❤️ you EA
  • jackm57
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    He basically confirmed league SBCS won't be a thing then?
  • princeapalia
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    Not a fan of him, but watched the whole thing.

    He completely hit the nail on the head. I wish he’d have been a bit more scathing of the gameplay, but the rest was spot on.

    It’s actually painful how literally everyone can come up with better ideas that EA’s creative team. Utterly incompetent company.
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