Webapp/Companion access to the market

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Ok, I do understand that we need to play a tad to guarantee access.
But what does “a tad” mean?
I have almost 100 games and still no access to the market.
Closing a thread doesn’t really solve the problem of a lot of people that has spent money, and time, on this game.
Where are we on it???


  • The_Unknown
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    You have to play all ultimate team modes, sbc’s Friendly matches, rivals etc etc
  • lIlIlIlIlIl
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    Someone on that thread had over 350 games and still no access whilst another was granted access after 11 games. Quite the amplitude for "a tad".
  • princeapalia
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    Honestly so scummy that they closed the main thread. Yeah sure we were going round it circles but it was nice to have some exposure and chat to each other about ideas to get it unlocked
  • MassiveMits
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    Another day without market access.
  • XxIronSidesxX
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    dont try to understand it
    same issue for me

    but the money, they know how to take.. be sure

    stupid company
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