EA should be sued for false advertising

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Hyping up the new Career Mode features as some groundbreaking innovations. Delivers a unplayable Career Mode. Ofc EA knew about these huge bugs long before the release and even the beta-release. Don't even bother to fix them. This is not the game-mode they've advertised for, those MF's should be sued.

Yep, that's all. I'm out again. Have a great day.


  • mjtheslambam323
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    I agree. Very embarrassing for EA and completely unacceptable. Absolutely disappointing they can’t and didn’t live up to their own expectations. Atrocious to say the least.
  • Switch version has basically nothing new. Exactly the same game engine as before complete with all the bugs, work around and poor long term playing options. Apart from the updated squads why buy FIFA20 on the Switch if you love CM. Total waste of money yet again.
  • when it’s all said and done ea have sold a product that isn’t what they are selling it’s INSANE !!! ROBBERY!!!.Its like me saying I’m selling spaceships then you pay me,take it back and wings are made of wood,a motorbike engine and a seat made of Plastic and you look at me and I (ea sports stand there smile and shrug there shoulders ).
  • Of course EA should be sued. And of course anyone can sue EA. And you will very likely win the lawsuit and get tons of money from EA. However, why is no one doing that? Because EA spends millions of dollars each year on hiring expensive lawyers and those lawyers may not be able to change the final outcome of the lawsuit, but what they can do and will do is to make this lawsuit a five-year marathon and to make you also pay millions of dollars in order to reach the end of the lawsuit.

    So friend, the only thing we poor career mode fans can do is to refund and stop buying FIFA...
  • Eddie
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    Their game is top of the selling charts by a mile. They’re raking it in with UT. Believe me they couldn’t care less that CM is a broken piece of rubbish...it’s been exactly that for years, it’s just worse this time around.

    I doubt they’re embarrassed or have even bothered to investigate as to why the devs let the game go out in this state.

    They don’t care.
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