No league sbc aparantly

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Some fut spy guy on twitter who aparantly is normally right says there's no league sbc this year, if that's right I'm done with this steaming pile of dung, it's the only worthwhile thing on the game, literally the only thing worth looking forward to or worth doing, so if they've done away with ig not only does it make no sense it's done just for pure greed cos people get packs for doing it and maybe won't buy there's, well sack that for a laugh, if its right it's an absolute joke, so far from more content it is in fact vastly less content


  • Rich
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    Yeah but today's sbc was decent
  • Saekerhett
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    If there is no League SBC I'm done as well. No point grinding towards some icons you want then. And I'm sure as hell not gonna buy FIFA points.
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