Another day of superb content

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Absolutely nothing again, they steal your xp if you complete objectives and don't fix it, they release ucl cards then don't, they fix a broken promes sbc in minutes but can't fix the xp problem for days on end, they release nothing but trash since the start of the game, no league sbc, no futswaps, no icons, nothing it's like the end of fifa when 19 2hen they're was notbing for weeks
Are they just trying to wind everyone up or what and as for that futeconomist clown the less said about him the better


  • Rich
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    I'm probably not going to be as critical as that but they could have at least dropped a league or flashback sbc today. Think at the very least they should have daily sbcs or more objectives. The kit SBC was a bit of a joke however if that had been some classic kits I might have done it. The sky's the limit with ultimate team but it seems EA have zero imagination at times.
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