From Div 1 to Div 8

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So I was wondering if some of you had had some weird surprises after the 5 placement games.

I was a Div 1 player in fifa 19. Not like at the very end, but was between Div 3 and Div 2 before they changed the rating of each division which put me in Div 1, as Div 3 - to Div 1 were now all Div 1.

At this point, I stopped playing. I think it was in March or April they did that, so I was a Div 2 player at that date, newly promoted in Div 1 after the change they applied.

I got Fifa 20 this week, did my 5 placement matchs (with a crappy team, but still) drew 3 and lost 2.

Got put in .... Div 8. Lol.

Last year was my second FUT year and after the 5 matches I was put in Div 6. Climbed my way from Div 6 to Div 2 (then Div 1 after the change) and now it puts me in Div 8.


  • CharlieC
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    It’s based on those five matches though so comparing it to last year is pointless unless you also drew 3 and lost 2 in those placements matches. If you don’t win a game in placement, I’d say D8 is fair. You’ll work your way up as you improve your team if you were D3/2 last year.
  • RadioShaq
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    I think 6 was the highest last year even if you lost them all? But yeah if they you didn’t win a game maybe 8 is the highest this year.
  • alvchong
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    You will survive in division 7 and 8. The more you promote the more you feel to spend Fifa points.
  • silverdale10
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    My quals were W2 D1 L2, got placed in Div 6.

    Not played many games so still in it. but going from a 0-5 defeat to a 5-0 win the next tells me it's meaningless what division you're in. One sided lag can make you feel like you're playing a div 1 player or div 10, depending if it's for you or not.
  • Chavez76
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    Ended in D1 last year, after my placement games I started in D7 :)
    Now back to D5, yet I still suck at the game
  • Aqeel87
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    Always been div 2/3 player.
    Started this Fifa in Div 7 & promoted to 5 easily.
    Now after ❤️❤️❤️❤️ patch I am going back where I started. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ this piece of ❤️❤️❤️❤️.
  • Daveyb
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    Aqeel87 wrote: »
    Always been div 2/3 player.
    Started this Fifa in Div 7 & promoted to 5 easily.
    Now after **** patch I am going back where I started. **** this piece of ****.

    Cos you're not as good as you think you are so the games crap, lol, aye righto
  • Roc_Xel
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    Thanks for your answers guys. See that I'm not alone.
    I really struggle compared to Fifa 19 right now. My players seem like they don't really make runs forward it's crazy (of course I had that at times in Fifa 19 too, you know those periods where you can't get anything going).

    Seems like my beloved 4312 is kind of useless now. In 19 I was playing for month in 41212 (narrow) before finding the small variation 4312 even better, and this is what I went to D2 with, before being automatically pupt in Div 1 after the change.

    Will change for 4222 to see how it goes, used to like in the previous fifa. I just can't stand playing 4231 like 90% of the teams, and I love my 2 strikers.

    Feels weird and tough at the beginning. Also, I guess Div 7-8 now are like Div 4-5 at the middle of Fifa 19 since all players that play from start are (probably) the better ones, and you must have some in the low divisions.
  • delpieroalex
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    Not a fair comparison at week 1 as many div1-2 players Calibre are at div5-4.
  • mojav
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    I am doing fine now use width high press profit. Just play football
  • limjitwe
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    I guess first time shot abusing mechanics, flick up/el Tornado crosses don’t work for you now :p:p
  • BigEneh
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    Won 5 got placed in 4, so guess thats the highest, in 3 now complete sweat fest, cant bare myself to play
  • 3MenandaBebe
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    D1 last year was 2400. After the change doesn’t count. If you were 1900 to 2k then you’re actually d3

    I was d1 at 2500 and went into d4. Now d2.
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