Volta is super bad compare to fifa street

I remember in the last fifa street the deke was way different.. if i have the ball with a player, and i press right jostick and i press right, he was moving the body to the right and it was mixing up defender.. now if you just press right or left with right jostick , nothing happen its suck..

And the second thing i hate , i just want to play with normal team .. i don't feel like completing the mode.. We should have the option to select team like barcelona if we want in volta. and play with it against someone online..

this 2 thing make me hating volta new mode , fifa street was way better.


  • just compare this to this

    fifa street was so nice , you press on left it was control the ball with 1 foot.. it was easier to made move..

    fifa volta mode is the same game as fifa 20 except the number of player on field and different field..

    the mode is literally ❤️❤️❤️❤️, man its suck.

  • 0:45 , body feint that what i mean. at start. and all the movie are different in fifa 20..

  • FlyingOkapis
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    Yeah gonna agree with everything here, Volta sucks, had high hopes, played a few games and have zero interest in playing anymore..
  • MarioBamba
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    It's just boring
  • Agree.

    An okay idea poorly implemented imho. Focus on other modes with much greater potential like Pro Clubs, or institute a Squads mode similar to that in Madden Ultimate Team for cooperative play within FIFA Ultimate Team.
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