I can never complete all objectives

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As a fully manual player for over a decade, I stopped playing FUT for years because of the lack of manual control support. But with continued neglect to all other modes it has forced me to open up FUT again in recent years but that has got worse and worse for people like me who play manual or single player.

1) A lot of objectives and rewards are focused on WL/Rivals. That's fine but then PLEASE make it accessable for everyone. Regular online seasons has an option to filter other players by control settings, so why can this not be implemented here as well?

2) The removal of single player seasons on FUT this year has been ridiculous. There are plenty of people, either due to control settings, internet etc. that played that mode. If you didn't then it's no issue but for us who played it as it at least gave us something, the removal is a slap in the face.

The game is increasingly restrictive when really it should be broadening as I imagine the end game is just more money. So it makes no sense to alienate more players.

Can something please be done or even an answer as to why these won't happen/what the delay is etc. Especially the manual control filter, it's a copy paste job from something already in the game


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