Another minor career mode Bug

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I just noticed another minor bug in Fifa 20.

If you want to create an new player or change the values of an existing player, their is an player value missing inside the Athlectic Data.

In prior Fifa versions their was the Point "Marking" inside the "Defending" Settings present. This now is missing. Inside the career mode the value for marking is called "Def.Aware" (on the second screen for player attributes) and you can no longer define this value for any player.
What is pretty bad. For players that are playing on the defending positions like RB, LB, CB or CDM because for those kind of players this is an major value to set, or in the case of Fifa 20, to lose. :'(


  • ArneMueller
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    Found another bug

    If you want to renegotiate player contracts, an section with all the options shows up underneath the player.
    1. Selected “Delegate Renewal”
    2. After the come back with an result, select “Negotiate”
    3. Come to an agreement

    After you're done with this player, go to the next player (or any other player) and select him. The area underneath the player opens again but the options are now shown only the main topics and an garbage string in the left column and you can not select anything.

    If you leave the squad hub and the go back to the player it works again. This was not in Fifa 19 it’s a new thing in Fifa 20. (I play on an PS4 perhaps on other consoles this doesn’t happen their)

    The bug does not happen if you go directly into the interactive negotiation, only if you first delegate it and then select to do it manualy.
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