Interviews and player conversations

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They're both just silly. Why can't I explain to my player that he'll start on the bench but might be brought in? Or that he's only not playing because of tactical reasons? The questions on the interviews are just plain wrong half of the time.

It's also frustrating that there are only two outcomes: player/team happy or player/team unhappy. A bit more depth would've been nice. Also: why not add the option to talk to your players before and after the game and maybe even during the break? To motivate them, which makes them more agressive, or to calm them down.

This way it's just a waste of time. @EA_Andy, I propose to take these things out until they are done properly. Please get this to the team.


  • I like them but they’re very thin on the depth front. Need more question variety etc.

    Ok start from EA but needs far more.
    One day, they’ll focus on career mode... won’t they 😂
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