Players stuck in Transfer Targets, on Console they are not in there??

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Those players are stuck in Transfer Targets on webapp and companion app, can not move them anywhere..
And when I go to the Transfer Targets on Console they are not there???

Can someone help me? Maybe @EA_Andy



  • RoosGianni
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    I had the same on the app, but when I went on console, I could assign or delete the players.
  • Dutch007
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    Yeah worked for some players, but for instance Gerard Moreno is not to be found :D
  • Hibee
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    Good news is this normally sorts itself out. Bad news is not always. I once had players stuck for pretty much a full FIFA.
  • Hello , did you ever get this fixed ? I have 55 items stuck on transfer targets that i cannot move. So unable to buy any players on console or bid on a playern keep getting error messages. Live chat dont help. 6 weeks they have been stuck. Help
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