Derek Rae in ultimate team?

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Derek Rae in ultimate team? He was commenting on rivals lol...


  • pudgyfudgy
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    I absolutely hate his commentary. He sounds like he's talking through clenched teeth, and Lee Dixon doesn't have anything intelligent to contribute either. I'm sure they're good commentators in real life, the game just screwed them over by using their most thoughtless and annoying lines, ad nauseum.

    The worst has got to be:
    "_______ has it. _______ with it. _______ with it. _______ has it."

  • ASX
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    I hate the way they pronounce Bruno Fernandes
  • dynamosheva1
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    One step closer to a cl tournament in UT :smile:
  • heefmondo
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    They should have got Clive Tyldesley
  • BlackFridayRule
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    Yeah, the new SB commentator is so annoying.
  • IncredibleK
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    Better than the same old rubbish from Alan Smith, happy this is in FUT now. Some of the pronunciations are strange tho
  • Tommygunn
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    Ben Yayddeh

    That annoys me
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