Anyone tried 3-1-4-2 formation?

Tempted to make a team to try this formation with the following players.

GK - Handanovic
RCB - Manolas
CB - Godin
LCB - Koulibaly

CDM - Allan

RM - OTW Maxim
RCM - Sissoko
LCM - Paulinho
LM - D.Costa

RST - Kane
LST - Lucas

Everyone would be 10 chem and I love everything about this squad besides being unsure about the 3 at the back part of it.

Anyone tried 3 at the back this year and this formation in particular?


  • Cyodine
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    I've been using 352 but today I can't defend at all so it's been frustrating. 3142 does look interesting, I haven't seen much talk about it but 3atb users are a rarity.
  • XxNevermindxX
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    I only use it for chem haha
  • pudgyfudgy
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    I'm using 3412 and I'm liking it a lot. Biggest advantage of 3atb is the numbers that you have while attacking.

    Just make sure your LCB and RCB are a little faster so that they can cover the wings. The CDM will serve as the 4th defender when necessary so it's still effectively 4atb with low width.
  • Tosh
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    Been using it since struggling with other formations on the first day of early access,love it,i use multiple squads but everyone is set with this formation..
  • Renamed123456
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    I believe @BlitzersNL is your guy if you wanna know about 3142
  • DodgyAussie
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    I’ve been using 352 and I’m loving it. Even when I lose - I just love the versatility 3atb gives you.

    My team:

    GK - Leno
    CBs- Sokratis, Laporte & Hernandez
    LM - Coman
    RM - Pepe
    CDMs- Sissoko, Ddombele
    CAM - Modric (incredible card!!!)
    STs- Jovic, Rodrigo
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