Players Wage Not Added Back to Wage Budget Once Transferred

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I haven't set up a career mode yet, but is the bug still in the game where, for example, the following happens :

- Wage budget £200k
- Sell player on £70k
- Wage budget remains at £200k
- Transfer budget increases only

This was very frustrating in FIFA 19.

I won't be playing until ALL major bugs are fixed (so may not touch it at all this release) and wonder if this also needs to be reported.


  • KentEagle
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  • MJHD91
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    I noticed this in FIFA 19. Haven't tried career mode yet because of all the bugs but I'll try this tonight & get back to you unless someone has already tried it?
  • Well in my first season not including player sales my wage budget actually increased as the season went on.
    I don't know exact figures but it went from a few hundred thousand to one million three hundred thousand. In that range anyway.
    I plan on watching more carefully this second season.
  • MartyForster
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    Didnt in Fifa 19 either
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