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what is going on?

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it seems there are only 2 ways this year, either you smash someone or get smashed. apparently i am complete shiat at this years FUT even tho im playing fifa since fifa98 and coming back to fut after 3years, or either players became world class players. defending not working for me at all can not defend shiat, each tackle or interception gets awkward rebound, if goalkeeper saves first shot its rebounded to tap in. can not understand how is it possible to have outruned attackers all the time even with 90 pace? players cant finish even with 80 or more shooting as well with finesse trait? everyone is playing drop back, after 75th minute my defenders start to jogg around with their stamina non existing being outruned even by CDMs. It seems that stats are to no use and it is all to game tactics. crossing is useless, heading imposible, only thing easier i find about this game is scoring from penalties and freekicks. market is to use only for trading, you wont get any players on bidding since people bid with fixed amount of coins, only way is sniping but for me is imposible as i am always too slow to pick one... oh and the comunity? okay i get it with celebrations and goal replay, but not skipping animation with goal scorer? i do not get that when you are leading 4:0, you score tap in and you let all the animations play until the end, i mean what do you want to achieve? i have never rage quitted any game but yet when i score 2 quick goals people are quitting like instantly. i am not saying that i am pro, oh god i am average player but having hard time at div 9 to win, when on FUT17 I used to win by 5-7 goals difference at div 4 with cheap PL team? strugle on world class to beat AI? I am not saying that there is no space for improvement but having such a hard time? no please thank you, gonna play squad battles on world class until I learn more about this game. by far my worst experience with fifa. if anyone could help me or guide me in any way it would be much appreciated.
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