Fifa 20 account damaged fix and Xbox One Controller keybindings unused fix?

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edited October 2019
Hello All, I have come across an issue regarding my fifa account. I log origin and load up the game as normal with my genuine xbox controller and I navigate around the menus with my controller like normal and go on ultimate team and play a game and I realized that my controller was not working. So I had to forefit the match and I checked my controller settings to find out that all of the different bindings for the controller was unused which was weird considering I could still navigate around the menu's. Additionally my account also got messed up and all my settings got changed such as the brightness and the contrast and all the setting in game such as the sliders. I tried to first fix the controller in which I had no look with despite everything working well before, I then tried to load the account to see if that would have any difference in which it said my account was damaged and that I must delete it which I Ideally do not want to do as I have spent some money on in game currency and had alot of money within ultimate team and had a good team so this is slightly annoying, I would appriciate any help what so ever

Many Thanks



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