Anyones fifa20 crashing/closing at times after title update 2?

Did this happen to any of you after title update 2? I updated the game and played for few hours and it was fine. Then I put the game on the menus and went to grab something. When I cameback the game closed itself without any error messages. So I thought nothing of it and went to a game. In the middle of the game it closed/crashed suddenly again without any reason. I open fifa again and play several matches without any crash. So I thought maybe its fine and was doing SBCs until suddenly the game freezes for 1-2 seconds and crashed without warning once again. Is this an issue after title update 2? Any fixes from EA or us?

And when I check task manager immediately after it crashes, theres a CPU spike in the charts right at the moment of crash. However my CPU never had this issue before title update 2.


  • joehuk
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    I had random CTD since launch with no event logged which was very confusing.

    Not had one recently but will post if I get one.
  • Daddy
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    Played for 4 hrs yesterday, no crashes yet.
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