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My Thoughts After 44 Games

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Firstly, I've enjoyed the game so far, mostly because I've been able to do what I want, which is build a team around a lower rated card and thus far I haven't been matched against many if any GOD squads, just a couple of strong EPL teams.

I'm slumming it in Rivals in Dvision 8 and now 7 with this team, with a record of 19-9-19

I built this because Hiroto Nakagawa was my favourite player on 17. The team has had a few revisions but most of these players have played at least 30 games.

Attacking play, or at least goals and assists seems to be heavily centered around the top two. As you can see from their stats.

Hiroto Nakagawa 46 goals 30 assists in 44 games

Alex Teixeira 30 gaols 30 assists in 30 games.

In contrast the 4 across the midfield have achieved a combined 15 goals 15 assists.

I've conceded a fair few headers despite people saying heading is broken. I've not scored any but then Nakagawa is 5ft 1!!. They've nearly all been a slow lofted cross to the back post.

I've not been awarded a single penalty and have taken maybe 8 free kicks, which is probably an indication of how passive the defence is. It's a positive change not to see sliding tackles constantly but maybe the defence could be a little more pro active.

Lob balls over the top, are a bit of a problem, and I imagine when people start having 99 paces strikers they may be worse but at present I'd say maybe keep it how it is a bit longer. I've only conceded a small amount of goals from lobbed balls.

Ultra defensive, why is this still in the game? luckily most of my opponents haven't played it but the ones that did, every shot was just blocked by a defender on the 6yd line. I get that ultra defensive tactics are sometimes played in real life, but this is a video game after all, is there really any need for a stifling, negative, fun sapping tactic. Can't we all just get the game back to being fun again.

Passing is pretty good, I like how its not 100% super accurate, and in fact it could possibly improve the game if it was slightly less accurate. Because keeping the ball, is far to easy with the lack of defensive pressure. Again luckily most of my opponents have been good guys but I suspect those that like to waste time by just keeping possession will find it very easy.

And finally shooting,..... possibly the most frustrating factor for me. Keepers seem to save almost every close range 1 versus 1. Yet any driven shot from 12 to 16 yds seems to be a near certain goal. Admittedly I've handicapped myself by using Nakagawa who has missed on average at least 2 per game. But I've seen my opponents do the same with Suarez and Lewandowski. It's not game breaking but maybe both need a small tweak. I've not conceded many long shots so far which after some of the earlier editions is a welcome change.

All in all a postive start, but I know as soon as everyone has a 88+ rated squad the game will be a mess. It's such a better game when the attributes are more true to life.
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