Ea is crap on this career mode.

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Never seen a game mode messed up like this. I have no issue with manual defending. But the career mode is 💩 period the deeper you go in the game. Fix the donkey crap. The only f...ing reason I bought this you finally updated career mode. Ea is one of the riches gaming companies and this is your standard wow. You smart actually your pre orders are now pre pay so you can’t really give the game back unless you take a loss.. Last f.....8ing product i buy from Ea. @EA_Andy, or who ever manages this game should really evaluate what they doing. I really had enough last post ever here. Pes here i come end month. One last thing f your update. That you released today which will only be available a week after console. So f-off fifa stuff your game so deep you will have find it with a toothbrush. They fixed the fixtures congestion for calcio B only lol. What joke this shithole company is. I never was fed up. But i’m really now. Give me the job i will sit day and night fixing this cause I actually love this mode or fix the f... game. Yes this is rant and just purely pissed off.
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