Cancelo or Walker, Sandro or Robertson?

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Looking to upgrade my full backs. Why reviews on these guys?


  • SeanSmith1992
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    Totw pereira will be your guy 😄
  • Seahawks1
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    Any other thoughts? :#
  • QuinnUK87
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    Walker and Sandro... I didn't like Sandro last year, but this year he has been an absoloute warrior!

    I personally use IF TAA, not walker because I pass out from the wing alot and TAA passing is insane.. But from what I've used of Walker / Cancelo in draft I'd definitely choose Walker.
  • Ftl
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    Robertson is pooh for me. 5 games and keep makijg mistakes, i will go straight back to mendy
  • 3MenandaBebe
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    Mendy/Sandro best LB's.

    Pick whoever is best for Chem

    I've currently fot IF Aurier at RB who is ok. If I were to change, it would be IF TAA but waiting to see if Ricardo Pereira will get a nice IF this week
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