Dummy Made 100 Two Player Packs! Part 2!

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Hey everyone! I done something similar last year which gained a fair bit of interest and I’m planning on doing the same again today! I’ve decided to rinse the majority of my low-ends in my club and make 100 Two Player Packs!

I’m going to be posting the pulls in here or could stream it on Twitch if there’s enough interest for it! Last years pulls were abysmal for me (Aguero saved the day) but with OTW’s in packs I thought now would be a decent time to do it!

Let me know if you guys would be up for it!



So then folks, 100 packs down within the hour, didn't think we'd get through them that quick! Big shoutout to everyone who stopped by to watch, appreciate it, was fun!
We went through spells of getting really really good stuff, followed by absolute dross for about 20 packs, anyway, here's the notable pulls of what we got today!

Best Pulls:

90 - VvD! (Packed him tradeable last night too so straight swap and 500k richer, buzzing!)
87 - Casemiro (Straight after Virg)
85 - Andy Robertson
85 - Lopes
84 - IF Lecomte
84 - Kyle Walker
84 - Felipe Anderson
84 - Ousmane Dembele
83 - Rashford
82 - OTW Maguire (Dupe, had to Discard RIP)
81 - Sissoko
79 - OTW Pulisic

And a bunch of 83's/84's

Not a bad yield if I'm being honest, well chuffed with that!
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