Fifa 20 does the ai foul

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As im still on trial i havent had time to check.

Online is same sweat fest ping pong. So i won't be playing online again


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    Not really. I think I have been fouled once in the demo, 10 hours of access and now the game. I have not been playing much since the game released though because career mode is knackered. But I have about 25 hours in it. I think it will happen more often when I start playing more and taking on the AI in one V ones and skills more often. If they ever fix the game.
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    What I don't like about 19 18 17 and before the ai just ball hogs the way up the pitch perfect passing perfect shooting. Every team plays the same.

    Where is the foul sliders and other sliders.

    Td is utter garbage they make td worse each year. Scrap it and start over.
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    The lack of fouls in Fifa games is annoying and a slider would help, or at least a ref strictness slider anyway. However, to be fair, if we agree there should be more fouls, and there are plenty of in game instances where fouls should be called ( and ones that shouldn't) but how many do we think is correct. I mean you can't just code in "let 5 fouls happen per game", so you have to have a set of variables in game that determine a foul. The problem i guess is, how do you scale that for the varying half lengths. Also in fut you would want less fouls and breaks in play for 'innocuous' things, which you wouldn't mind in career mode if it meant a few more fouls per game.
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    I got a penalty in the first 7 minutes of my career mode...for handball. Haven't even had a free-kick yet. Well, in my own half after an offside. I've played 4 games so far in the Spanish 2nd division.
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    I can't believe nhl fixed this problem by adding sliders but fifa no
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