The latest Title Update for FIFA 20 is now available on PC and includes the changes listed here.

Pro Clubs Head - Clubs, matches and player stats updated to FIFA 20!

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If you're already playing FIFA 20, check out your club and player stats now!!

To the ones who don't know the site from previous years, it offers:
  • Search and favorites - search for your club and favorite a club and a player for fast access
  • Club information and stats - season stats, cup progress, ranking points, trophies count, and much more
  • Last matches results - view 10 last league and cup matches results with clubs and players stats and rankings, and graphics with club performance match by match
  • Player information and stats - stats for current club and all clubs that he played and graphics with his performance in the last 10 league and cup matches

To my dear visitors from earlier versions, I have some unfortunate news...
The data model changed a lot and, with it, a few stats were removed or are bugged so aren't available anymore:
  • total of goals in all seasons
  • previous division number
  • trophy list
  • player position in match (and with it, the pitch map showing their position :cry: )

But there is very good news: the data provider response feels faster and very stable (which is something we were suffering with since April...)

(suggestions and bug reports are welcome!)


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