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Hi guys been a long time since I've been on the boards but since FIFA20 has come out I have the uncontrollable urge to join up again and voice my disappointment at this years release. I've been buying FIFA since its very first outing on the MegaDrive over 20 years ago and have always been all about Career mode - and after last year where I wasn't really feeling FIFA ( not for a specific reason just maybe "bored") I was really looking forward to this year.

Have to say I really like the gameplay but when I noticed the rosters hadn't been updated I started looking on here at what is going on and I have to say I'm really, really disappointed at the issues you have all been having.

The features they've added (interviews etc) are a nice touch but I never expected much - but the few games I played I did notice the questions didn't make sense which was quickly becoming annoying. The opponents were playing the reserve team which while expected a little again was frustrating as it was supposed to have been specifically addressed. Then I started reading comments about 75 game seasons etc which is just wholly disappointing.

However - I could over look some of these if they would just update the squads!! I noticed that the first squad download I did seemed to be correct when I played a kick off game - but the the download at the beginning of Career Mode but everything back and then says no more downloads the correct squads are there?? I can only assumed that they realised something must have been wrong so they changed it back - which means SOMEONE is looking at this in real time.

So has anyone heard about squad updates - any news? Any comments? It would be a start while they sort out everything else.

I haven't even played but 4-5 matches - I can't bring myself to get into something which is broken...


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    The squad update they rolled out crashed the game so they reverted it. They are “looking into everything” but we have no idea when the bugs will be fixed and squads to be updated.
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