So no new changes yet again?

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I guess I was right not to buy it for a 2nd year in a row. Such a shame this mode gets overlooked, played thousands of games over the years in pro clubs yet it remains the same old.

I guess the only positive is other better games gets my money until they decide to sort the mess out at EA, if they ever do, won't hold my breath.


  • Korthan
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    They've nerfed the shooting again. They did this last year and I sat it out for months until they patched it.

    So I'm going back to 19 for a while. Rubbish shooting and not being able to score any one v ones or easy chances isn't worth my time (played one match of Seasons and it's the same there).

    Posting this here because I don't want to start another moan thread. It's just my decision. The game is great fundamentally but for me, if the shooting is spoiled then the game is spoiled.

    There is no way around it if keeper saves everything no matter how powerfully hit and well angled OR your shot or header goes wide with any hint of direction. Even open goals and very close range rebounds are not going in. Like there's a forcefield or something.

    Shooting in 18 and 19 (post patch) was a skill not "too easy". I loved putting the right amount of bend or swerve on shots.
  • Skinner249
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    Finishing is too easy if anything, simple finesse around the keeper if on stronger foot, near post power shot if the finesse angle is on weaker foot...
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