English & arabic commentary using origin gameproperties but only recieving 1 language at a time

I ‎downloaded both English & arabic using origin game properties but only recieving one language at a time‎ .. when seleting from origin English it has the commentary English , and when I select from origin Arabic it has the commentary Arabic but whey not both ,? I neeed both to change as I prefer .. the selection is greyed out

I send u 2 attachments in this case please take a look at it

1) https://ibb.co/Q6T3p1z
2) https://ibb.co/0s8z67v

i need help in this asap coz i need to switch between Arabic and English commentary every 2 or 3 matches i like so like we used to , in any of the previous fifas 19 18 or 17 it was always SWITCHABLE in-game. (not from origin)

need fix for the grayed out in 11 side audio and also in the volta mode audio settings it needs to be switchable language in both please.

yes we need an update for that , coz the file of English comm is downloaded in the game folder and also the file of Arabic commentary is downloaded but only one works


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