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Game so far

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So from my point of view... back to FUT after couple years and nothing is same. SBCs are nice for me, done most of them (except MLS, Bundes POTM and national pride).
But man defending... so hard but yet so good. In first few days I was being trash can on online. Now with bigger player base with game fully released I think it is easier. My pack luck is still not there but I hope it changes with time like it did last time when I managed to pull off Messi, KDB, Ronaldo... What I find really interesting that all my players no matter the pace are being easily outruned like they would not even sprint. I think I will play more Squad Battles than Rivals until I figure out game more (will play online just for season objecitves) but man I am excited about this years FUT. also would someone explain me OTW cards more? do they get updated on how players perform or stay same? because I dont see any point in OTW cards since they have same stats as rare gold ones.
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