CT For Gengen Press

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I have a 4-3-3 where I have 2 midfielders on getting forward, wingers on get in behind and striker staying forward but its still so easy for people to pass the ball around the back in the later stages and for some reason I can't get my players to press.

Only player that can chase the ball is the one i'm controlling and its annoying, anyone know a formation and settings to use for an all out press by your team?


  • kraid
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    You can’t do it this year
  • ICUP
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    kraid wrote: »
    You can’t do it this year

    How are we meant to press when someone is wasting time, had someone knock it around from the 70th minute and couldn't get any of my players to press and had to chase around with 1 player whilst the others did f all

    If this happens during WL its going to be beyond a joke
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