How to restart Volta from zero

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I need to restart Volta from the beginning but there is no option to start a new story. I tried deleting the settings folder from my PC, creating the profile and setting the game up, but, when I click on Volta it starts from where I left it before.

I need to start over the Volta story (from the character selection screen), can someone help me?



  • TW1103
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    I need to do the same. I accidentally just confirmed everything and didn't get to customise my character. Now I can't work out how to do it at all
  • Same for me. I jiat want to atart my Volta from beginning and i can't do it. Why!?!?!? It's frustrating. Simple option and even that EA can't do it
  • rystaman
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    Play the first match. Then you can customise your character. I made the mistake too
  • Pooter
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    I know, this isn't fair, the beta testers got to customise first
  • Pooter wrote: »
    I know, this isn't fair, the beta testers got to customise first

    I don't need to customize, I just need to select another character or, now that I know the game, make some other choices.

    For instance, every time a match ended I clicked on recruit and ended up recruiting everybody. I'd like to change that and recruit when I need it.
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