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Q: Is there any information you can share on the issues in Career Mode that have been reported by the community?
A: Yes, the team is currently working to investigate community concerns and are looking to address them in future Title Updates. Here are some of the top priorities:
  • AI teams dressing low OVR rated lineups in inappropriate situations
  • Dev Response: While we have made improvements this year to lineup selections, especially with respect to how the team is chosen when formation changes are made, we have also heard the feedback that people are still seeing situations where a weaker starting 11 is chosen than should be. We are currently investigating a fix that will allow for better accuracy when determining match importance and how it relates to the AI line-up algorithm. We need to also ensure that any changes in this area do not have a negative impact in other Career Mode systems.

  • When the AI is in control of top teams, they are sometimes appearing low in the table, occasionally even being relegated
  • Dev Response: We have seen this being reported by our community and we are currently investigating what may be causing this to happen so we can work on identifying a resolution in a future Title Update.

  • Improvements to the CM scheduling algorithms to avoid match congestion.
  • Dev response: From the feedback we had received in FIFA 19, we made addressing these concerns a priority in FIFA 20, and implemented logic improvements to this system early in the development cycle, where the results we were seeing were positive. Unfortunately, a change that we made late in the development cycle, which was the insertion of the authentic fixture schedule for the first season of a Career Mode, resulted in an issue where the rescheduling of games is creating new match congestion issues. Our team is investigating a fix for this new issue, and also performing another sweep of the system to see if there are any further improvements we can make to improve the algorithms.

  • Press Conferences asking questions about things that aren't relevant to the save (asking about relegation when finishing in the top 4, etc)
  • Dev response: As this is a new feature in Career Mode, and due to the large amount of text and options that are present, despite our best efforts during testing to identify and resolve as many of these issues as possible, there are some issues that have been found by our players that we were unable to find during the development cycle. The team is taking in the feedback it is seeing from players and looking to release fixes to these issues in future Title Updates.

  • After a few seasons in Career Mode, the UEFA Europa League and UEFA Champions League competitions are not working correctly.
  • Dev response: We have identified what we believe is the root cause of this issue, related to certain teams winning the UEFA Europa League and thus being a seeded team in the subsequent UEFA Champions League. We will be looking to include a fix for this issue in an future Title Update.

  • Editing players is resulting in those players having their positions changed.
  • Dev response: We have seen the reports from players around this issue and are working on a fix that will be included in a future Title Update.

  • Dynamic Potential seems to be resulting in some unrealistic scenarios, where some players in bad form are going up in their ratings, while some players, such as some that are aged 29 or 30, are declining in ratings, despite their performance.
  • Dev Response: With the introduction of Dynamic Potential, which is now partially driven off the performance of a player in the previous season, the way potential works in Career Mode has changed from previous years. Form is a factor in the growth of players, but it’s not the only factor. Generally speaking, younger players will get better, and aging players will decline. Form will have an effect on the potential for younger players to improve in that if you performed well in your previous season, you will have higher potential then if you performed poorly. Similarly, your previous seasons performance will affect the rate of decline for aging players. Having said that, and with FIFA 20 now live, we want to collect more player feedback about how the potential system is working to identify if there are issues or areas that could be improved further. To facilitate this feedback gathering, we have created a thread on our forums where you can report feedback around the system so we can more easily review. When reporting feedback, please ensure to follow the instructions in the thread and provide key details, such as the Player’s name, their position and their starting OVR ratings.

  • Ultimate Difficulty seems to be easier than in previous years, are you doing anything to address this?
  • Dev Response: We have seen that feedback from players and are investigating what we can do to update this in a future Title Update.


Q: Will we have any updates to the Squad Building UI? The perception right now is that it takes too long to complete SBCs when compared to previous FUT’s. Is there any chance of this being addressed in a Title update?

A: When we did the redesign of the Squad screen, we had goals to unite the Club, Squad, and Transfer Market functionality into the Squad screen, and simplify concepts that may have been challenging for players. Our intent was always to maintain many of the ‘power’ flows for our veteran players, but through Closed Beta and during Early Access we heard feedback from players that these flows were not as efficient in some cases. As a result, we have some changes coming in a future Title Update that are focused on improving some of the key flows in the Squad Screen. What we have planned to deliver is roughly below:
  • Improved the discoverability of, and added new functionality to, Multi-Swap in the Squad Screen and Squad Building Challenge Screen.
    • When on the Club tab of the Squad Screen, players can now turn on Multi-Swap regardless of how the player entered the tab.
    • When Multi-Swap is active, players will be able to cycle through the positions in their squad, including the subs and reserves, enabling the ability to swap Player Items in all positions without leaving the Club tab.
      • The mini-map image on the screen shows which position you are currently selecting, and now also includes subs and reserves.
    • When highlighting a specific position in the squad, there is an option to refresh the search results to update based on the currently selected position.
  • Adjustments to Player Item swapping functionality on the Club tab.
    • When changing to the Club tab, without having specifically selected a position on your squad first, it will no longer assume that you want to swap players for a specific position.
    • When you select a Player Item on the Club tab, it will not automatically send that player to your squad, instead you will need to manually change back to the Squad tab.
      • Once you have done this, you will be able to specifically select a position on your squad that you want to place or swap that Player Item into.
  • Backing out of Player Search while on the Club tab of the Squad screen will no longer take players to the Squad tab and will instead keep them on the Club tab.

Q: In FIFA 20, it is not currently possible to view the requirements for each Rank in Division Rivals or each Tier in Squad Battles, is there a plan to address this?
A: This was an unfortunate miss on our part when the screens in this area were redesigned for FIFA 20, so it wasn’t on our radar until the feedback started coming from the community during Early Access. We are working on correcting this in a future Title Update.* *


Q: There has been some frustration from players around certain skill moves not registering correctly. Is this something you are planning to address?
A: We are working on some fixes for skill moves that are targeted for a future Title Update.

Q: Are there any plans to increase the effectiveness of headers or improve the chances of having a successful header? In particular, scoring goals from headers off of crosses or corners seems very challenging so far in FIFA 20.
A: Based on feedback from FIFA 19, both from players directly and based on our own data, the decision was made to make crossing and corners less effective in FIFA 20, resulting in less goals from headers. A big part of this decision is an effort to promote skill differentiation and the idea that most of the goals that are scored are the direct result of player actions
While we are always looking at ways to improve the game, at the moment we don’t have any plans to change this in FIFA 20.

Q: Defensive clearances seem like they are much weaker in FIFA 20, are there plans to address this?
A: In FIFA 19, using the Pass button to clear the ball via a header was often an effective way of executing a clearance. In FIFA 20, due to the changes to headers, as covered in the previous question, players who are using the Pass button may be seeing those clearances be less effective than in previous years. Players should ensure that they are using the Clearance button when they are trying to clear the ball from their area when on defense.

Q: Are there plans to release changes or fixes to goalkeepers? Specifically around the manner by which they are punching the ball in situations where they could be catching it or with the type of rebounds that they are giving away?
A: There are a number of updates and fixes that we have been working on that we are targeting for release in a future Title Update, with a specific focus on the areas mentioned.

Q: When can we expect the first Title Update with gameplay changes and can you provide any insight into what would be contained in that update?
A: Providing a specific date or time for when a Title Update will release is not something we do, as we are often reliant on things outside of our control to deliver against a specific date. That being said, you can expect that a Title Update which contains gameplay updates will be arriving within the next week or two.


Q: Some in the community have questioned if MTX (Microtransactions) are coming to VOLTA. Is this true?
A: As we shared before, we won’t have any monetization in VOLTA FOOTBALL at launch. We’ve built the game so that, in the future, we could add in-game purchases if we felt they would add to the experience for players. In the meantime, we’re excited for everyone to get in the game and tell us what they think of the new mode, including ways we might make it even more enjoyable.

Q: Many have asked if we’ll ever be able to play with friends on the same team in VOLTA (OTP). Is this in the roadmap to be added? If so, when?
A: Obviously creating a mode like VOLTA was a massive undertaking for the team, and it’s a mode we’re all excited about and proud to deliver. With that said, we are aware of the feedback surrounding the ability to play with friends on the same team in VOLTA, and this is something that is definitely near the top of our list for priorities and future additions. Building an online team play mode is also a big undertaking, and we want to make sure that when we do implement a feature such as this, we do it right.
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