Welcome to the full release (Open Beta)-FIFA 20

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For those that have signed up, EA thanks you deeply for your contribution to keep this development going. It takes your donations to keep this project afloat and they are confident with your continued support they will get it right.

It is not cheap having to patch a game over 16 times in less than 10 months, so again, thank you for your purchase of FIFA points.


While I post this in jest, there is a bit of reality that I do not think the community gets or the vast majority makes excuses for when discussing this franchise.

Saying all games do this may have some validity, but then again, most games have a shelf life longer than 9 or max 11 months if they are really good. So you can not and should not put the same expectations on FIFA, they have to be higher... yes higher, because if you have purchased this every year, what have you really received in return for playing the same game, football, for all those years?

Vast improvements? Fantastic graphics? Better overall experience?

I think that all depends on the person, how they play the game and their perspective.

I think many players of this game are finally asking for more and rightfully so and they are asking for a shift in how this game is released and updated.

Almost anything has to be better than the current up and down of the development cycle is not fun. For those that love 20, great, but we all know there is a great chance that you will have to get used to a different version within a patch or two if you are honest with yourself. The fact is there is little stability in the game. As soon as you get used to it... the next patch comes and minor or major changes impact your experience for better or worse.

While this is probably falling on deaf ears and blind eyes, I did at least want to get it out.

I love the beautiful game. I wish I had grown up with the game of soccer/football and glad my kids had that chance. I do enjoy playing the game and would want to enjoy a console game of it as well, but EA makes it very hard. Not that Konami makes it any easier.
Most of us work too hard for our money to spend it on a year long software development journey, knowing we are going to have to fork out more $$$ in 10 or 11 months for the same roller coaster ride.


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