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The bounces back to the opponent

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edited September 2019
If your going to keep defending like this please do something about the bounces! Not even talking about rebounds of keepers which are problem to but tackles and blocks from myself constantly going back to the opponents attacker!

I'm finding defending hard enough enough as it is, with anyone running at me or when my opponent has the ball on the edge of the box , but it's so frustrating when I sometimes do get it right and I'm punished for it.

Perfect example here came from 2-0 down with 3 quick goals late on to be robbed of the win at the end, conceded lots of goals like this in the box to where they just shoot and it lands back to the attacker, in fact the opponents first goal in this game was exactly that. I'm conceding plenty from just bad defending but my god don't make it more difficult with with the tackles and blocks constantly falling for the attacker....

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