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    Thanks... all makes sense. I'm not sure I've got a theme but the idea sounds good. I've maybe got a sort of West Ham theme going on which might work with perhaps trying to add some legends like Rio and Moore at the back and bringing in Tevez (and maybe that pr*£ Payet).

    @zzachzx - do you already have Gerrard and that determines the theme or is the them dictated around adding him?

    Yes I already have Gerrard. And I just love Gerrard so I wanted to make FUT 20 revolving around him, and the theme is just my personal preference.

    Joe Gomez looks a quick CB... 81 pace so must be one of the quicker ones. Could be really decent with a Shadow chemistry and the Gerrard theme. I'm tempted to buy him as very reasonable

    Yeah he’s gonna be good. Can’t wait to get Van Dijk though
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